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Episode 003: There Is Gold Inside of You

Guest Authors: Edgar Barosso & Kirstin O'Donovan

My guest authors: Edgar Barroso & Kirstin O'Donovan explain what works best in this new economy, and how you can monetize the talents and skills you already possess, taken from their new book, "There Is Gold Inside of You."THERE IS GOLD INSIDE YOU is the ultimate toolkit for tapping into the new opportunities of the 21st century. 



Episode 002: Having The Balls To Take Action

Guest Author: J.D. Bloodstone

Have you ever attended success siminars, read motivational books, or have purchased someone's self-improvement program only to find that your life is still the same, yet you felt deep inside that something was missing?

Find out from J.D. Bloodstone what that missing element is, and what you can do to bring about that change you so desperately desire for your life.


Getting Started In The Music Business


Starting anything independently is a struggle during the early years of your career. In our video we interview industry professionals who advise you on how to begin your career, and what to expect along the journey. Visit our: Music Business Page




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